A Witch and her Cat
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The Good Witch and her Cat

Since my photo printing project has been slightly delayed by a fabric dilemma, I thought I would share a few more concept sketches from my comic project. I still haven’t made up my mind whether the comic will be in color or not, but Kyle’s lovely gouache Photoshop brushes might convince me.

The Good Witch Face Study

I’ve also been experimenting with Adobe’s Sketch app for iPad, which has proven great for quick sketches with a stylus. The lack of brush sizes makes the app too frustrating for any complex illustration, but the straight line feature is great for laying out a rough concept.

The Good Witch Character Study

Page Costume Designs

Castle Bedroom Concept Sketch

Do you have a favorite sketching app? Let me know in the comments! I used to use Procreate, but I think Adobe’s Sketch app might be better for the quick sketching I do more often on my iPad.