Three Successful Email Marketing Newsletters I Actually Read
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Brands with Fantastic Email Marketing Newsletters

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my inbox is inundated with email marketing from brands. I immediately delete 90% of these emails. Some of them are so repetitious that the second I see the brand name in the heading, I hit the delete key.

I know I could unsubscribe, but I am interested in these brands. I regularly visit their websites and once in a while I actually do find their message click-worthy. But, most of the time, they just send boring run-of-the-mill advertising emails.

This past holiday season the email blizzard became ridiculous. Several brands sent me emails almost every single day with oddly similar messages. One brand sent the exact same sale email for the entire month of December. I only had one question. If it always says “New, additional 30% off sale!”, does it mean that there is an additional percentage taken off every day? Otherwise, it can’t be “NEW” every day.

Unfortunately, the brand was just sending the same email. I unsubscribed.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s tired of receiving emails that are the equivalent of obnoxiously shouting “BUY ME!”. Unless it’s something I desperately want, I’m not going to pay any attention. Just adding my name to the email isn’t nearly enough for me to read your message. My eyes are guaranteed to glaze over and my finger is already hovering over the delete key.

So, I thought I would share three brands whose marketing e-mails I actually pay attention to. They consistently tempt me to read and even visit their website for more information. I hope this will inspire other brands to reconsider sending boring emails. Want more sales from email marketing? Make your customer’s inboxes a happier place!


I don’t purchase a lot of jewelry, but I actually look forward to BaubleBar‘s email marketing. Their emails always feature interesting magazine inspired layouts with bold modern typography. They often focus on a new fashion trend or a designer who they find inspiring. Even during the holiday season, each new email had an interesting headline and content. They also have a twice weekly treasure hunt sale for a “Buried Bauble”, which keeps fans checking their email every Friday and Monday.

BaubleBar Email Newsletter

Now, when I do purchase jewelry, I often check their website first. I didn’t even know about them a year ago! Talk about an effective campaign. It’s the fashion magazine aspect that always grabs me with this one. Will that attract everyone? Probably not. But it’s perfect for their target market.

Even though BaubleBar is focused on selling their products, their emails rarely attempt a hard sell. Instead, they focus on being informative and inspiring. That makes an addictive inbox combination.


If I was a guy, I would pay a lot more attention to Huckberry’s emails. Since I’m really the opposite of their target market ( female and not very outdoorsy ), the fact that I often read their emails anyway, is very impressive. They deserve recognition for their e-mail titles alone. “A Knife Made from Dinosaur Bones”? I want to know more!

Huckberry Email Newsletter

Not only are they great at finding amazing products to feature in their store, but their emails are written to sound like a recommendation from a close friend. I’ve discovered several new brands from their emails and I’m sure the future holds many more!

However, their emails are looooong. I usually stop reading about halfway through when I reach the ‘sales ending soon’ divider. This is unfortunate, because below that they feature informative articles from their excellent blog.

Also, if you are interested in startup stories, check out the feature about them on Signal vs. Noise. Inspired.


Remember how I mentioned personalization? Selling spring clothing when your customers are shoveling a foot of snow has to be difficult. When I received this email from Boden the morning after a big storm, I smiled. Someone across the pond was paying attention. For those of you who are not familiar with Boden, they are a quirky British clothing brand with lots of bold colors and classic designs. I’m addicted to their high quality t-shirts among other things.

Boden Email Newsletter Example

Their emails almost always feature humor and the eye-catching patterns that are their hallmark. If your email makes me smile, I’m far more likely to visit your website.

Boden Newsletter Example

Like BaubleBar, Boden uses a modern magazine style layout to their advantage. Their emails are always different and variety is important in grabbing a customer’s attention.

What sets the email marketing from these brands apart?

Originality. Knowing their audience. Being informative and inspiring. Keeping up with current events. A dash of humor.

What email marketing do you always read? What brands keep you interested?

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