The Nightmare Obelisk

Magic is the sort of thing dull people learn to be more interesting at parties.

When the murder of her uncle places stubborn eighteen-year-old Abigail Dunlevy in the care of the mysterious Mr. Reynolds, she learns that magic is as dangerous as it is wondrous.

Her new guardian reveals that she is heir to an incredible lineage and capable of far more than simple parlor tricks. However, lessons must wait.

The killer was resurrected by an ancient obelisk and they must stop him before a magicians’ rebellion ravages the glittering society of Regency London.

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Young Adult – Fantasy / Historical
Time Period
British Regency
76,000+ words
Completed Manuscript

The Reluctant Prince & the Good Witch

The sunflowers? Really?
They are rather vicious.

Prince Robert is terrified of witches. Transported to the cottage of a red-haired specimen and her talking cat, he does the only sensible thing. He runs.

But as his battle weary future self warned him that very morning, this is only the beginning of his bad luck.

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Comic Script
Manuscript In-Progress