Jousting Tournament Armor Sketches

Concept Art Armor Sketches

Since my novel was undergoing an edit from someone else last week, I took a break to work on some concept art. The reluctant prince in my upcoming comic project has a lot of costume changes in the first twenty-five pages. I was especially excited to start armor sketches for the design of his jousting armor.

Concept Art Jousting Armor Sketches

Research was absolutely necessary for jousting armor. Pinterest has become one of the first places I look for reference images. I found some wonderful historical illustrations which led to the first book and the second book. I absolutely recommend checking out these two books, if you need research for armor sketches.

Concept Art Leather Armor

Once I found resources, it was time for lots of brainstorming! I played with different shapes and layering pieces in the armor sketches. I wanted the jousting armor to be believable as functional armor, but I didn’t want it to appear too clunky. Check back in a few days to see a color illustration of the final design!

I also needed to design for the prince an outfit of leather armor and several court costumes. Next up, lots of courtiers. Lots of courtiers. Wish me luck! You can preview some of the scenes with these costumes in the comic script excerpt here.

Concept Art Prince Character Design

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