the story

“Magic is the sort of thing dull people learn to be more interesting at parties.”

Napoleon’s army remains invincible since Waterloo, however, the curious rumors of metal behemoths and sundered earth are far from the charming town of Middlesbrough. When the murder of her uncle places eighteen-year-old orphan Abigail Dunlevy in the care of the mysterious Mr. Reynolds, she laughs at his declaration
that a magician is the killer.


With a grin, her new guardian snaps his fingers and walks through a wall. This is Abigail's first glimpse of a strange new world filled with buildings that will not stay put, irascible hedgehogs and villains with charming manners. She soon discovers that real magic is as dangerous as it is wondrous. Her uncle’s death is part of a sinister plot lurking beneath the glittering society of Regency London and the murderer must be stopped before the country dissolves into chaos.

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About author
Jennifer Jermantowicz
Jennifer is an illustrator, graphic designer, web developer and avid writer. She holds a BFA in Comic Art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

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